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What is a polymer? When monomers are combined and turned into polymers, they work and thrive. The polymer industry has no end and is advancing every day. Polymer is used in all fields. All plastic materials are made of polymer and our country, Iran, despite the sanctions, has made good progress in this area. Obviously, over time, the use of polymer components will increase, so that today iron gratings have given way to polymer gratings. Moheb Baspar Idea Gostar Company was put into operation with an initial capital of less than 100 billion Tomans and its goal was national production and job creation for 50 people. By the beginning of 1999, 42 people were employed in this company.

Type of activity: Production

Activity field: Production of polystyrene types

History: Moheb Baspar Idea Gostar Petrochemical started its activities on 07/27/1695 and on 04/25/2017 succeeded in obtaining an exploitation license number 2218/1396 for activities in the field of production of polystyrene.


  • Production of type 2 in the field of 03- Advanced materials and products based on chemical technologies from 11/13/1397