The applications of polystyrene in medicine are very wide. Making hygienic materials has always been important. Because it is possible to use sanitary ware despite plastics. In the past, steel, glass, metal, or ceramics were used for medical purposes. In addition to being dangerous, these devices were expensive.

After scientists try to make polystyrene, sanitary plastics can make the cheapest medical devices! Join us in this article to introduce you to the uses of polystyrene in medicine.

Introduction of applications of polystyrene in medicine

Polystyrene, which is made from the bonding of styrene monomers, is very important in the manufacture of medical devices. This material, which is usually transparent and has good strength, is also used to make pharmaceutical devices. In addition, polystyrene is used to make laboratory tubes, test chambers, detection devices, and bacterial culture plates.

polystyrene uses

polystyrene uses

This material is very cheap and easily produced. It is recyclable and very flexible and lightweight. In addition, it has anti-moisture properties that are resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Storing medical equipment requires a lot of safety. Hence, the applications of polystyrene in medicine are very diverse and useful.

The use of HIPS polystyrene is very common in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It is interesting to know that polystyrenes are not toxic and dangerous and they are also used to insulate various devices. In addition, safe transport of drugs and medical devices is done using polystyrene.

PS features for making medical devices

These thermoplastic materials have special properties that have made them suitable for various applications. Due to their molecular structure, these materials are the lightest materials for packaging medical devices.

Fantastic insulation

These materials are very good insulators for moisture and other contaminants. They are used to pack medical supplies and medicines.


As mentioned, these materials are very light and easy to carry. In addition, polystyrenes can be used to package drugs.

Easy to produce

The production of polystyrenes is simple. These materials are inexpensive and easy to produce. After using polystyrenes, you can recycle them and turn them into new products.

Low pollution

The production and use of polystyrenes are low in pollution. These materials are very hygienic and cause very little damage to humans and the environment.

Maximum safety and health

One of the reasons for the use of polystyrene in medicine is the high hygiene of these materials. Plastics are easy to wash and can be a good insulator against contaminants.

Advantages of polystyrene applications in medicine

polystyrene in medicine

polystyrene in medicine

Polystyrenes have very high flexibility. These materials are easily recycled and reused. In addition, they have high strength and are used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. One of the advantages of using polystyrene in medicine is the use of plastics in the laboratory.

These materials have an irregular structure and are brittle. They have a low melting point but are very good insulators for moisture. In addition, polystyrenes are used to make blood storage tubes, test tubes, serum storage containers, and drug packaging containers.

The most widely used polystyrene material in medicine

GPPS is polystyrene used in the medical industry. This polystyrene, whose original name is General Purpose Polystyrene, is suitable for making durable medical devices. These products are transparent and can be used to make fragile items. GPPS is normally transparent. But it can be painted for various uses and can be considered part of medical devices.

What is the use of HIPS polystyrene?

This very durable polystyrene is used to make strong medical devices. For example: making packaging for medicines and medicine, making operating room equipment. In general, High impact polystyrene has a high resistance to pressure. So the applications of polystyrene in medicine are very wide.

Application of EPS polystyrene in medicine

This type of polystyrene is used to make small and delicate medicine boxes. In addition, EPS is used to make syringes and vaccines. These materials are resistant to damage and are good insulators for heat and moisture.

A summary of the applications of polystyrene in medicine

In this article, we examine the various uses of polystyrene in medical devices. We have seen that these valuable materials have many uses. 3 types of polystyrene GPPS, HIPS, and EPS are used in the manufacture of medical devices. In general, GPPS is most widely used in medicine because of its transparency. These polystyrenes are also used in the manufacture of various devices such as moisture insulators for medicines.

The applications of polystyrene in medicine are diverse; So that blood and serum storage tubes are also made of plastic. These materials are very flexible and can be easily produced and recycled.

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