Consumers of Novolac Resin use this substance in various industries. Typically, there are different grades for novolac resin; Each of these grades has unique features that you must first know! Knowing Consumers of Novolac Resin also helps you know which category you belong to and what grade you need. In the following, follow this article from PETROPROVIDERS to introduce you to Consumers of Novolac Resin.

What is Novolac Resin? What are its uses?

Novolac resin is one of the most important resins used worldwide. This resin, which has various uses, is produced by combining phenol with an aldehyde. One of the most important properties of this material is its very high resistance to high temperatures.

In industry, this material can be heated up to 500 degrees Celsius! At this temperature, this resin does not burn; Instead, it turns into pure carbon graphite. For this reason, novolac can be used to produce carbon graphite.

casting industry

casting industry

In addition to a very high resistance to heat, this material has other properties. Some of the most important features of Novolac Resin are:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Resistance to electricity
  • Resistance to pressure and impact
  • Good fluidity
  • Good moldability
  • Mass production
  • Reasonable cost
  • Diverse grades
  • and so on …

This resin has been approved by the FDA in recent years; That’s why it is safe to use for all uses! In addition, the novolac market has seen significant growth in recent years due to the increased production of various graphites and plastics.

We know that consumers of this substance suggest buying novolac resin in Iran. Iran novolac resin that we offer in PETROPROVIDERS, is offered to you with the highest quality and the most appropriate cost. You can buy your desired grade right now; Just call us.

Why should we know Consumers of Novolac Resin?

Knowing Consumers of Novolac Resin allows us to place ourselves among those groups! For example, you might use this material to make a variety of felts. In this case, you should include yourself in the list of Consumers of Novolac Resin that use this substance to produce felt!

It is interesting to know that this material should be produced in abundance in different industries. Knowing all Consumers of Novolac Resin now reduces energy waste and costs. In addition, by increasing the production efficiency of products, brighter days can be seen in the petrochemical industry.

In the previous two articles, we reviewed the types of Consumers of Novolac Resin and said that this substance has a total of 18 groups of consumers. These 18 groups were divided into different categories; For example, some of them are:

  1. Graphite producing industries
  2. Felt production industries
  3. Tire manufacturing industries
  4. Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Industries
  5. Missile Erosion Industries
  6. ..

These industries were about 13 consumers. We want to examine 5 other consumers of this substance, so stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Review of the Most Important Consumers of Novolac Resin

Here we want to review the 5 most important Consumers of Novolac Resin. We know that these consumers buy this substance in different grades; So if you are one of them, it is better to know your favorite grade. If you can not choose the desired grade or you have a little problem in buying Iran novolac resin, contact us.

1. Felt industry is one of the most important Consumers of Novolac Resin!

Felt production is one of the types of applications that can be done using Novolac resin. We know that felts are used for many years and their quality depends on the raw materials used in their manufacture. In general, there are several ways to use this resin in the production of felt.

In comparison, it can be said that this material can be used in the production of various felts. We know that the use of this resin in the production of felt increases the thermal resistance and impact resistance in the final product; So it should be known that if you want to use resin to produce a variety of felt products or textile products, you can use a special grade of felt.

2. This material is used in the foundry industry.

This resin can be used in abundance in casting! Because this material can increase the resistance of final products. In addition, it should be noted that this material for use in the foundry industry, must be provided to industries with a specific melting point.

If you want to use this material in the casting industry, you must first add it to your other molten materials. This will increase the temperature of the reaction conditions. So it is better to consult our experts first and then buy Iran novolac resin.

So we found out that another Consumers of Novolac Resin is the foundry industry. In these industries, we can produce a variety of products, we can reuse a variety of them. You can also use different grades of this resin to produce a variety of products.

3. Novolac resin can also be used to create friction.

Friction schema

Friction schema

It is very important to create friction in some industries! We can create friction using insoluble materials in some cases, but creating this type of friction will reduce the solubility of the final product as well as its moldability. The use of novolac resin can increase the moldability as well as the high solubility of this material.

It is interesting to know that one of the most important properties of this resin is to create friction without disturbing the other properties of the final material. This is a very interesting point; Because it is possible to use it to produce all kinds of final products in the desired grades with the best quality. Your opinion is also important to us, you can write your opinion for us right now in the comments section.

4. Coated fluid manufacturing industries

coated fluids

coated fluids

Novolac resins can also be used to produce a variety of coated liquids and solutions. These solutions have a variety of applications and you may be one of the solutions manufacturers. Or you may use these liquids and solutions in your industry!

In general, these materials, which are made using Novolac resin, will increase the strength of the final product as well as reduce their permeability. In addition, they increase friction and increase the fluidity and solubility of the material. In general, this feature can create very interesting features in the final product.

5. Manufacturers of substrate saturation products; Another consumer of Novolac Resin!

The latest Consumers of Novolac Resin are manufacturers of substrate saturated products. These manufacturers can select different types of resins in different grades and use them to produce the desired products. It is interesting to know that these substances are used in the production of various creams, ointments, and industrial medicines.

In addition, these materials can be used to produce a variety of fertilizers. If you want to know why this substance can increase the quality of final products, we must say that the use of resin will do this! It is interesting to know that in industries, these substances have a wide variety of applications and therefore are one of the most important consumers of novolac resin.

Summary of Consumers of Novolac Resin Review in Part 3

In this article from PETROPROVIDERS, we saw the most important Consumers of Novolac Resin. This material, which has various applications in global industries, is used to make a variety of plastic and heat-resistant products such as tires. One of the most important applications of NOVOLAC resin is the production of various types of insulation.

We have seen that this material is used in various industries for felt production, casting, friction generation, production of coated fluids, and production of substrate saturation products. This is why Consumers of Novolac Resin review is so important; Because this material has different applications in different industries.

In general, the production of this resin is done during the reaction of phenol with aldehyde; Therefore, it should be noted that a chemical reaction is required to produce novolac resin. That is why all the shortcomings of the reactions must be eliminated to achieve the best result.

At PETROPROVIDERS, by presenting the best Iran NOVOLAC RESIN, we promise you good things in your industry! Because the use of this material increases the resistance of final products and reduces unwanted by-products.

What do you think about Consumers of Novolac Resin? Can this material be produced without considering the set standards? Can you choose the grade you want now? In the comments section, you can ask your questions from our experts.

Why should we buy novolac resin !?

Due to the wonderful properties of this resin, it is necessary to buy it for you who are active in the chemical industry!

Is it safe for me to buy novolac resin in Iran?

Yes! This substance is approved by the FDA and its use is completely safe for you.

Yes! This substance is approved by the FDA and its use is completely safe for you.

Yes! This substance is approved by the FDA and its use is completely safe for you.

Are resins easily produced?

This substance is produced during the reaction of phenol with aldehyde; Due to the high demand for it, its production is usually mass-produced.

Can resins be recycled?

Yes! These materials can be recycled using various methods.