EPS uses are diverse in different industries around the world. As we know, EPS or expanded polystyrene is one of the types of polystyrene models. This polystyrene, also known as ionolite, is usually white. It has many applications in construction; For example, EPS is used to insulate the roof and floor of a building.

In addition, this polystyrene is heat-insulating and lightweight. This polystyrene has pentane in its structure. This gas causes the substance to expand, causing water vapor to escape through its molecules. In the continuation of this article, join us to introduce you to EPS uses.

What are the main EPS uses?

EPS uses in Construction

EPS uses in Construction

In general, there are 3 important applications for EPS. This material has special properties that can be used in various industries. In the following, we will read EPS uses together!

1. Use of expanded polystyrene as insulation

One of the most important EPS uses is its use as insulation. This substance causes long-term storage of food and other substances. In general, EPS is produced in granular form, and it is interesting to know that this polystyrene is made without chemical reactions.

Expanded polystyrene is also used for construction. These materials are large in size and lightweight. Therefore, they are very suitable for insulating the roof and floor of buildings. In addition, EPS has a very good density for construction; Therefore, it can be used to build houses and skyscrapers.

2. This polystyrene is fireproof.

The most important case of EPS use can be its fire resistance. In today’s world, thermal insulation is very important. Expanded polystyrene is used to make sandwich panels. In addition, these materials can be used to insulate buildings.

This material has special properties! It can be used as an alternative to pottery in construction. It is interesting to know that expanded polystyrene is also used to make molds in various industries.

3. EPS is used for packing different materials.

One of the most important applications of expanded polystyrene is for packaging various materials. The packaging industry has been using EPS to package various materials for over 50 years. This material is one of the best materials for packaging due to its high strength, ability to maintain stability, moisture, and temperature insulation.

One of the concerns of factories and workshops is the proper packaging of products. With the advent of EPS in the packaging industry, these concerns have been allayed. Currently, the best material packaging can be done with expanded polystyrene.

EPS is lightweight and has high moisture resistance. This material is heat-insulating and can be used for packaging electronic devices. In addition, this type of polystyrene can be used for food and medicine packaging. Using EPS in food packaging helps keep food healthy.

Extraordinary properties of expanded polystyrene

Expanded PolyStyrene in packaging

Expanded PolyStyrene in packaging

One of the most important properties of this material is its safety. It is very resistant to heat and fire and does not harm humans and the environment if left in nature. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the environmental pollution of this polystyrene is high. If you look closely at ionolite, you can see the fine grains that make it up. These grains are easily separated by low pressure. Important properties of expanded polystyrene:

  • Being fireproof
  • Pressure resistance
  • Low density and convenient
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-humidity
  • Low cost for use in industry
  • Impact shock insulation
  • Increase the building’s resistance to earthquakes
  • Do not spread the flame during a fire
  • Reduce the dead load of the building
  • Making different molds in custom shapes
  • Heat insulation
  • Very stiff and durable due to its lightweight

Summary of EPS uses

In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed EPS uses. This polystyrene is usually produced in white. Another name for it in various industries is Ionolite. This material generally has very special properties. In addition, various applications have been recorded for expanded polystyrene. This material is a very good insulator for heat and sound. In addition, EPS can be used in construction.

It has a low density and is lightweight in large sizes. In addition, EPS can be used to package a variety of materials. EPS uses are very diverse! It has been used in the packaging industry for more than 50 years. This material is very resistant to impact. It also insulates against moisture and fire and can be easily produced.

3 The main application of EPS is to use this material as insulation, food packaging, and fire resistance. These 3 main uses of this polystyrene make it possible to use it in different industries. In addition, expanded polystyrene can be used to make various molds.

In the comments section, tell us your opinion about EPS uses. If you have any questions about polystyrene production and its price, you can contact our experts. You can also contact us to buy expanded polystyrene.