Food packaging is one of the most important applications of polystyrene. Polystyrenes have been used for food packaging for over 60 years. In addition, these polymeric materials are also used to produce pharmaceutical packaging and medical products.

This material is produced in different colors and special shapes and people all over the world use polystyrene. These polymers usually have good impact resistance and are easily produced and recycled. This material is used in various industries. In this PetroProviders article, join us to introduce you to Food packaging and its standards.

What is Food packaging? The role of polystyrene in food packaging

As we all know, most food packaging is made of plastic. This material is very light and cheap and is easily produced. It should be noted that if plastic is not recyclable, it can remain on earth for about 300 years! So one of the most important disadvantages of plastics is serious damage to the environment.

The use of polystyrene for food packaging has standards. If these standards are not met, the materials produced will be of poor quality. Of course, it should be noted that the production of polystyrene also faces certain limitations. In different countries of the world, the production of polystyrene has been banned due to the harmful effects of these polymers on humans.

Suppose you are using a disposable polystyrene container. Then do not throw this container in the trash and leave it! These dishes are eaten by animals. These animals are killed by humans, and the harmful polystyrenes that have entered the animal’s body are now entering the human body! This cycle causes different cancers to increase day by day. It should be noted that if necessary, it is better to ban the production of various polystyrenes!

Standard containers for food packaging

Standard containers

Standard containers

In general, any substance has its disadvantages. This material must meet the standard requirements and have the least harm to humans. Polystyrene materials are not completely harmless! These substances can be carcinogenic and if not used properly, can cause various diseases in humans. Standard containers are designated by health organizations worldwide:

  • Recyclable plastic containers with grades 1 to 5
  • Aluminum containers
  • Coated and uncoated paper containers

The ban on the use of polystyrene is not limited to disposable tableware! These materials are used in various industries. For example, polystyrene is used to make building insulation, medical products, home appliances, and toys. If we say that polystyrenes are harmful to human health, we mean that all these substances are harmful to human and animal health.

Hygiene tips and consumption standards for polystyrene containers

standards for polystyrene containers

standards for polystyrene containers

Disposable polystyrene containers have good material. This material is the same styrene monomer made of hydrogen and carbon atoms. These materials are very long hydrocarbon chains that, when put together, create a very strong intermolecular force. Here are some health tips for disposable tableware:

  • Disposable polystyrene containers must be manufactured to the required standards.
  • These dishes must have suitable doors. The use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the manufacture of disposable tableware is prohibited. The use of HIPS for hot food packaging is also prohibited.
  • Polystyrene containers should not be used for packing high-fat and sour foods.
  • Food packaging has standards that must be observed. For example, polystyrene containers should not be used for hot food. Also, these dishes should not be heated to 65 ° C.
  • The maximum duration of use of disposable containers is 6 months. After this time, it is better to change your dishes.
  • Use special polystyrene containers; This means that a special container is made for each food. For example, do not use a fish container to store vegetables!
  • If food is packaged in these containers, do not reheat it! In general, the use of polystyrene containers is suitable for cold foods.
  • Use disposable dishes only once! Never wash this dish and do not use it more than once.

Summary of Food packaging and its standard tips

Food packaging is one of the most important applications of polystyrene. This material, which is considered a polystyrene polymer, is made of a styrene monomer. This material is long hydrocarbon chains that are placed next to each other. Thousands of hydrocarbons are put together to form a regular polystyrene structure.

Food packaging has standards in different countries. You must comply with these standards when producing and using these containers. It should be noted that you should always follow these rules when using disposable tableware; Because if dangerous polystyrene material reaches your body, it can cause dangerous cancers and diseases.

What do you think about food packaging? In the comments section, you can ask us your questions about polystyrene and PS containers. You can contact our experts to buy the best disposable tableware.