High Impact Polystyrene Material is made of styrene monomer. This substance is made by dissolving styrene monomer molecules in butadiene rubber. It is made with the chemical composition of two materials, polystyrene, and polybutadiene. After combining these two materials, a roller moves on them and combines the materials.

This method is called the extrusion method. HIPS has a wide variety of uses. Join us in this article to introduce you to High Impact Polystyrene Material.

Features of High Impact Polystyrene Material

High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene

HIPS polystyrene is one of the oldest PS models. In general, high impact polystyrene has very strong bonds. These bonds cause the molecules of this substance to come together. These compounds, which are mostly Wonder Waltz, make this polystyrene very durable.

One of the most important features of High Impact Polystyrene Material is impact resistance. This material is very resistant to impact and heat. In addition, it can be produced and used in various forms. In addition, HIPS has great flexibility. This feature allows HIPS to be used in the manufacture of various devices.

Unlike other polystyrene models, High Impact Polystyrene Material has elasticity. This makes them easy to produce and recycle.

The polybutadiene in the composition of this substance makes HIPS resistant to impact. In addition, it is not brittle and can be used for various packages.

Different applications of HIPS in industries

This material is used to make home appliances due to its very good impact resistance. It is also used to make food packaging. You can order your favorite color for HIPS! This material is easily perforated and its price is cheap. It is easily molded in various shapes and has a high adhesion strength.

This material is used in the manufacture of various resins, insulation of electronic devices, and disposable containers. You may have heard the word “non-crystalline resin”! This is another name for high impact polystyrene! By changing the concentration of the reactants, the purity of High Impact Polystyrene Material can be changed and different devices can be produced.

For example, HIPS can be used to make plastic appliances for refrigerators and freezers. In addition, this chemical can be used to make printer devices. It becomes very resistant by adding 5 to 10% more butadiene. This material is used to make all kinds of packaging.

Also, custom colors and shapes can be produced from HIPS. This material is molded again after heating and will be easily recycled. In addition, High Impact Polystyrene Material has antibacterial properties.

Applications of High Impact Polystyrene Material

HIPS uses

HIPS uses

It usually contains butadiene in its structure. Butadiene is a solid yellow rubber. It has a high melting point, is impact resistant, and odorless. It is naturally stable but will react quickly if it comes in contact with oxidants.

This is a type of polystyrene that is used to make various devices. For example, HIPS is used to make flooring and insulation. It is also used to make sandwich panels in buildings. In addition, high impact polystyrene is used to produce durable plastic parts in cars. This material is very compressible and has a high resistance. It is interesting to know that buying HIPS is affordable.

Summary of High Impact Polystyrene Material Review

In this article from PetroProviders, we reviewed High Impact Polystyrene Material. It is made of a combination of polystyrene and butadiene monomers. This chemical reaction is easily performed and is reversible. This makes it possible to reuse HIPS at high temperatures and in other forms.

The applications of HIPS are very diverse. This material is used in various industries such as medicine and automotive. In addition, HIPS is used in the manufacture of various home appliances. It is also used to make toys and building insulation. High impact polystyrene is very strong and flexible due to the presence of butadiene in the composition. You can see HIPS around you! This material is very popular and is produced all over the world.

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