Petrochemical Commercial Company was established in 13 July 1990, According to the Iranian petrochemical industry needs and as a trade arm of all the petrochemical complexes in Iran with the National Petrochemical Company capital became as an independent company and active trader with subject of activities on petrochemical products in domestic and foreign markets, offering logistics services and etc. Since November 2009, in line with the privatization and implementation of Article 44 of the Constitution, Petrochemical Commercial Company has changed its nature from the public to private sector (with The transfer of 52% of the shares to the Iran Investment Company) and as a trading company, has expanded their activity area in the field of investment, commerce and the finance sectors. In addition, has been transferred to the private sector the 45% remaining shares in the form of Persian Gulf petrochemical industry company ( PGPIC). In 2015, PCC was introduced As a leading exporter and the national sample (among the top 5 exporting country) and the only major exporter in the field of petrochemical products by Trade Promotion Organization ( Ministry of Industry and Mines and Trade) .
In 2015 , PCC exports was 4.6 million tons of polymer products, chemicals, gas liquids and related materials and etc. Which have been exported to more than 35 countries . The main export destinations were as follows : China 42%, Middle East 28%, Africa 14%, Indian subcontinent 14% and Others 2%.
The main activities of the company both inside and outside are mainly in the following parts: