The invention of Bakelite has been one of the most important human inventions in the field of polymers and plastics. This material was first made by Leo Baekeland as one of the best plastics used in the global industry. For example, bakelite is used to make all kinds of plastics and car parts. In this article from PETROPROVIDERS, we want to see a summary of Invention of Bakelite and a biography of Leo.

What is Bakelite? Who first made it?

Bakelite is a very important polymer that is used to produce a variety of durable plastics and heat insulation. For the first time, in 1907, Leo Baekeland produced this material using a Bakelizer. In the following years, this substance was introduced to the world by Leo; This was the beginning of making synthetic polymers and plastics in the world!

It is interesting to know that the use of this substance in industry, has increased the value of the bakelite market day by day. This was while the production of other plastic materials followed the production of bakelite; Because bakelite can be used in a variety of reactions to increase the strength of the final products. In addition, bakelite increases the production of unwanted by-products.

Bakelite has different characteristics; Some of the most important features of Bakelite are:

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Good resistance to electricity
  • Impact resistance
  • Proper moldability
  • Usability in different reactions
  • Growing market
  • Affordable price
  • Simple recycling
  • Being safe for human health and the environment
  • ..

Currently, bakelite is made using the reaction of phenol and formaldehyde. If asbestos is used in this reaction, bakelite may be harmful to human and animal health. But the FDA has stated that using this substance without producing asbestos can be completely safe.

Bakelite is a type of thermoplastic material that has various capabilities; This material can be used in various industries. It should be noted that in the picture below you can see that the combination of phenol and formaldehyde produces bakelite:

Bakelite Structure

Bakelite Structure

Bakelite manufacturers also offer Iran Bakelite in different grades. Consumers of bakelite who all over the world, according to their needs, buy grades of this material and use it for various uses. Iran Bakelite, which is offered in PETROPROVIDERS, does not have asbestos, unlike Bakelite, which was made by Leo for the first time! Therefore, it is completely healthy and you can use Iran Bakelite to produce all kinds of your products.

How was the production of bakelite for the first time?

Bakelite was first made in 1907 by Leo Baekeland. Known at the time as a highly resistant material to chemical reactions, it became one of the most important polymers and plastics in the world in the not-too-distant future.



This substance had few uses at that time, But Leo introduced it to the whole world and said that using this material can increase the quality of the final products. In addition, Baekeland stated that if bakelite is used to produce a variety of plastics, it can increase their strength.

It should be noted that he produced this material with many trials and errors. More specifically, Leo introduced several different substances into a device called a Bakelizer. Then he saw different products in it and as a final product, he chose two of them. He then processed these products so that he could introduce them to the world.

After that, Baekeland was able to record Invention of Bakelite worldwide and very happy days were waiting for Leo! Leo became very famous after many inventions such as printed Velox paper; So he got the money for his next inventions like Bakelite.

The invention of Bakelite made him one of the most popular chemists in the world. But let’s take a look at Leo’s life! Let’s see who he was and what memories of him are now recorded in history.

An overview of the biography of Leo Baekeland, the inventor of Bakelite!

Leo Baekeland was born in 1863. After leaving school at the age of 13, he became an apprentice to a shoemaker. After doing shoemaking activities, he became interested in chemistry and the production of various chemicals! After a while, Leo started working for a pharmacist; This was the beginning of Leo’s chemistry era!

After working in chemistry and pharmacy for a while, Leo entered the university and used the university scholarship. At his university, he figures out the most important and best events; Because there was no excuse for not trying. Leo loved chemistry, he loved chemistry!

After a while, he fell in love with a girl too! Leo got married at the age of 26 and then traveled to the United States. After a while, he patented an invention in his name; This invention was the same Velox paper used for photography.

The production license for this paper was later purchased by a factory; By selling the patent for this invention, Leo was able to raise a lot of money for his next activities! In addition to chemistry, Leo was also interested in assembling car parts! After traveling to the United States, he bought a car and spent hours assembling its parts every day.

Leo Baekeland and the summary story of Bakelite production

After a while, he and his colleagues, following the unsuccessful efforts of chemists, began to produce a synthetic polymeric substance. Leo was able to produce a completely healthy material for the production of various plastics; He named this substance Bakelite.

Bakelite’s invention made Leo one of the most popular and famous chemists in the world. Until then, no one had been able to make and register a synthetic polymer. But Leo was able to do it. After registering the Invention of Bakelite, Leo Baekeland registered about 400 different plastic materials as applications for Bakelite!

It should be noted that his inventions are not limited to bakelite! After registering the Invention of Bakelite, he was able to make a variety of materials, all of which were used to make a variety of durable products. For example, he used bakelite to make different types of lamp bulbs. This material was resistant to heat and electricity and had a wide variety of applications.

Leo had announced in his speeches that this substance could record a change in the world of chemistry! By using it, in addition to increasing the strength of various products, it can also increase the applications of plastic and polymeric materials.

It should be noted that if Leo had not registered the Invention of Bakelite in 1907, perhaps Bakalite’s fate would not be the same today! It is noteworthy that Leo used asbestos to make bakelite. Asbestos was later found to cause damage to the respiratory system of humans and living animals. Therefore, asbestos is no longer used to produce Iran bakelite. Formaldehyde may be used to produce this substance, but asbestos will no longer play a role in the production of bakelite!

What are the most important applications of bakelite in global industries?



It should be noted that if the use of this material increases in various industries, it will increase the quality of bakelite all over the world. In addition to being used in the production of different products, this material can cause more products to be produced at the same cost!

In general, the uses of bakelite are very diverse. In the following, we want to address some of the important applications of Iran Bakelite around the world:

  1. Bakelite is used to produce a variety of plastic products.
  2. This material is also used to produce a variety of auto parts and aircraft parts.
  3. Bakelite can be used to produce a variety of jewelry products.
  4. Bakelite can be used to produce thermal insulation.
  5. Bakelite can be used to produce electrical insulation such as electrical meters and terminals.
  6. Bakelite is involved in the production of various thermoplastic products.
  7. Bakelite can be used for food packaging.
  8. The use of this material in industries will increase the quality of final products.

Iran Bakelite production and supply in PETROPROVIDERS, with the best quality. In general, consumers buy the quality of this substance to produce various products.

The most important thing in using Bakelite is to try to recycle Bakelite constantly! If you release bakelite into the environment after use, it will increase environmental pollution. So it is better to find the most important bakelite recyclers around the world and then give them this material to recycle. This will increase the production of bakelite and also increase the value of the Invention of Bakelite!

Another point of using and buying Iran Bakelite is to keep this substance out of the reach of children. If you want to buy bakelite, it is better to contact our consultants to guide you in choosing the right grade. Buying and using Bakelite will increase the quality of the final products as well as reduce your costs. You can contact our specialists to buy Iran Bakelite.

What is Bakelite?

Bakelite is a type of thermoplastic material that has various uses in the plastic industry.

What is the inventor of bakelite?

Bakelite was first made in 1907 by Leo Baekeland.

Who is Leo Baekeland?

Who is Leo Baekeland?

What are the uses of bakelite?

The most important applications of bakelite are the production of durable plastic products, the production of auto parts, the production of jewelry, and the production of electrical insulation.

Why buy bakelite !?

To produce a variety of durable products and reduce costs, it is better to use bakelite.