Melt blowing is a chemical used in various industries. For example, nanofibers are made by Melt blowing. This is also very important in pharmacy and medicine. Using Melt blowing, high-quality nanofibers can be produced. This substance can be easily used in the medical industry. In addition, using this material, various polymeric materials can be made. Melt blowing can be produced by a volcanic reaction. In this PetroProviders article, join us to see the uses of Melt blowing.

History of Melt blowing and its production

It was first used to measure drone radiation in the 1950s. This was the start of further development and use of this substance. After that, the advancement of technology made the use of this material better and more advanced. At present, China produces 40% of nonwoven fibers using Melt blowing.

In general, this material can be produced by volcanic activity and cooling material. It should be noted that this material is produced under special conditions and in laboratories.

Different applications of Melt blowing

Melt blowing Machine

Melt blowing Machine

This material is used in various industries. In the following, we will show you 5 of the most important applications of this material:

Use this material to produce absorbent materials

This material is widely used in the production of adsorbents; Because the materials produced by it can absorb water. In addition, these substances can absorb and retain oils.

Use this substance to purify water

In various industries, Melt blowing is used for water purification. In addition to water purification, this material is also used to disinfect surfaces. This substance has become very popular and valuable in the world after the spread of coronavirus.

Making medical products using this material

The use of this substance in the medical and pharmaceutical industry is one of its most important applications. This material is used to make nano products and has many applications in medicine.

Production of various garments with this material

Melt blowing is used to produce plastic clothing. This material can be transformed into different shapes and different garments are made with it.

Use Melt blowing to produce cosmetics

One of the most important applications of this substance is its use to produce health products. This leads to more diverse cosmetic products and a much higher value.

What polymers can be produced using Melt blowing?

MB products

MB products

As mentioned, this material is used to make various products. For example, a variety of polymers can be produced with this material. Here are the polymers:


These polymers are transparent and hard and are used in the production of plastics in various industries. In addition, polystyrene is used to insulate buildings and to produce auto parts and home appliances. It is interesting to know that polystyrenes have different types and their grade characteristics are different. Each PS grade has different applications in different industries.


This polymer is usually white and very resistant to heat. The chemical structure of polypropylene is very strong and excellent mechanical properties are known for this polymer. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion and abrasion; It is then used to produce various plastics.


One of the most widely used Melts blowing polymers is polyester. This substance is mass-produced daily all over the world. Polyesters are used to make plastic clothing and durable clothing. Polyester fabrics do not wrinkle but are very fire resistant.

It is interesting to know that polyesters are naturally present in plants and insects. This material is also produced artificially in factories and laboratories.

Poly amid

One of the polymers produced by Melt blowing is polyamide. This polymer is found naturally; In addition, it can be produced artificially. This polymer has a very high resistance and is used to make kitchen utensils. In addition, polyamide is used to make plastic clothing and transportation.


Polyurethane is used in many industries. This material is very flexible but strong and durable. Polyurethane is used to produce plastic coatings, adhesives, and nail polish. This material is produced daily around the world and is very widely used. It is interesting to know that this material is also used in the production of resin.


Polycarbonates are very strong and transparent materials. This material is used in the automotive, computer, and construction industries. In addition, it is used in the aviation industry and the manufacture of safe parts.


This polymer is used for packaging various materials. This material is also very popular for the production of plastics. It should be noted that polyethylenes are produced in various types and have various properties. These materials have a very high density and can be used in the plastics industry. In addition, polyethylenes are widely used in the electrical and chemical industries.

A summary of Melt blowing and its applications

In this article, we have thoroughly examined Melt blowing. This material is used to produce various products around the world. It is used in various medical, cosmetic, construction, automotive, and clothing industries.

This material is also involved in the manufacture of various polymers. These polymers include polyethylene, polyamides, polycarbonate, polyurethane, polyester, polystyrene, and polypropylene. These polymers are used in various industries and can be used for various purposes.

What do you think about this valuable substance? In the comments section of this post, you can tell us your opinion about this material and its applications. If you want to buy the best quality polymer and polystyrene products, be sure to contact our experts.