Novolac resin uses are important in various industries. In general, phenolic resins have unique properties that make them easy to use. Also, their important characteristics increase the production efficiency of products. In this article from PETROPROVIDERS, we want to introduce you to Novolac resin uses in the second part. In the first part, we explained 6 important applications of novolac resins. In this article, we are going to get acquainted with 6 important applications of phenolic resins in global industries. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Full introduction of Novolac resins and their use

Phenolic resins have unique properties. These resins, which are considered a type of polymer, such as GPPS polystyrene and HIPS polystyrene, are easily produced. Important applications of phenolic resins include plasticizers and increasing the efficiency of reactions.

These materials can easily react and increase the strength of the final product. For example, one of the most important Novolac resin uses is the manufacture of industrial and household adhesives.

Phenolic resins are the same phenol-formaldehyde polymers first discovered in 1910 by Leo Hendrik Arthur Baekeland. To produce this structure, we react to aldehyde with phenol. The product of this reaction is then converted to a phenol-formaldehyde polymer by combining C7H8O2 in the presence of a phenol catalyst. Today, this final compound is called phenolic resin, which is a type of phenolic resin.

By heating phenolic resins to 250 ° C, various products can be eroded! This material can have a very high resistance; In some reactions, the ambient temperature can be increased up to 500 ° C. For example, to use Iran novolac resin to erode the tips of missiles, the material is heated to 500 ° C and then used.

Introducing 6 of the most important Novolac resin uses

producing different coatings

producing different coatings

In the following, we want to review 6 very important applications of Iran Novolac Resin. We know that phenolic resins have different classifications for applications, which we will tell you about the importance of buying novolac resin.

1. Making carbon graphite

Phenolic resins are very suitable for converting to carbon and carbon graphite. Most manufacturers around the world use resin as an adhesive for carbon materials, which increases the strength of the final product. If the test temperature is raised, the phenolic resin becomes carbon amorphous. That is, if we heat phenolic bonded carbon materials, we can obtain a complete carbon structure.

Because of this extraordinary feature of novolac resin, these resins are used to make electrodes, gaskets, carbon composites, and canister seals. In addition, novolac resin is one of the most important materials for choosing materials for making electric motors and starter motors.

Depending on how phenolic resins are produced, we can determine how they bind in different compounds and make some changes in the resin compositions to increase the efficiency of the reactions. For example, the use of a Hexa-novolac mixture increases the strength of the final material.

2. Another Novolac resin uses, producing different coatings

Phenolic resins are used for resistant coating of various materials in industries. Material storage tanks, for example, require very high heat resistance. The use of novolac resin increases the resistance of these tanks and protects them against temperature changes. In addition, novolac resin is used in the production of train cars. In general, an important part of the coverage of end-product systems includes phenolic resins!

It is interesting to know that the use of this resin to cover a variety of products, in addition to increasing resistance, also increases their production efficiency. For example, if we want to produce a storage tank and use novolac resin in its production, we can not pay much for the resin by-product and buy Iran novolac resin directly. This increases the strength of the material as well as reduces costs.

3. Production of composites using novolac resin

Phenolic resins are one of the best choices for the production of polymer products. Novolac resin is used especially to produce flames with high smoke. It should be noted that some composites contain toxic fumes that are harmful to human health. Like phthalic anhydride smoke, it is toxic. It should be noted that dioctyl phthalate and dioctyl adipate have similar structures and the resulting smoke is toxic.

Novolac resin has good resistance to pressures and is used to produce various products. It is interesting to know that phenolic resins are compatible with many composite materials. Therefore, one of the most important Novolac resin uses is the manufacture of composites. There are several ways to use these resins in composite production:

  • Molding method using resin transfer in the system
  • Resin extrusion method
  • Coil method

4. Production of aircraft parts using novolac resin

aircraft parts using novolac resin

aircraft parts using novolac resin

This application of phenolic resins is very popular in the construction of aircraft as well as aerospace missiles! It should be noted that the use of Iran novolac resin to increase the strength of aircraft is also widely used. In the process of using phenolic resins, various processes are used to convert products into each other. To buy the best Novolac resin, you can contact our experts.

5. Another novolac resin uses is foam production!

If the phenolic resin is combined with other necessary materials in the presence of foam production catalysts, foam products can be produced. In this method, the surfactant is used as a blower and catalyst. Foams made from novolac resin have unique properties such as fire resistance, high heat resistance, low smoke toxicity, and…

Surfactant is very suitable for the production of foams; Because this material keeps the foam cells open so that the phenolic resin material enters them. At the same time, water absorption is determined by the foams and this property will be added to them. Types of applications of resin foams are:

  • Orthopedic foams (used to make foot and hand molds)
  • Insulation foams (used to insulate buildings)
  • Mud foam (dry or wet foam in the form of soil)

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6. Application of novolac resin in the production of industrial felts

novolac resin in the production of felts

novolac resin in the production of felts

The use of phenolic resins to produce modified felts is very popular. These felt have good properties such as heat insulation and sound insulation. It is interesting to know that these felts are used to insulate home appliances and automotive products.

In general, felt manufacturers around the world produce the density of their products in terms of strength, thermal insulation, and sound absorption. The most important applications of felts can be mentioned as follows:

  • Production of rigid and durable parts for decorative products
  • Production of sound insulation products for home appliances such as kitchen hoods
  • Production of visible durable equipment (such as the production of insulation on ships)

Novolac resin uses is very interesting for producing felts! Because this material easily makes the felt denser and also more compatible with the base fibers of the felt. It should be noted that in the process of felt production, standard conditions are determined that will make the final materials more resistant.

The use of novolac resin for the production of various felts causes good molding in them. In addition, this material gives good compatibility to the felts to make their production process more efficient. In addition, the use of phenolic resins also reduces the environmental risks of felts! After combining phenolic resin with felt, the smell and smoke from burning it are reduced. In addition, the amount of dust and felt contamination will be reduced.

Summary of a review of Novolac resin uses in Part Two

In this article from PETROPROVIDERS, we reviewed 6 cases of Novolac resin uses. We said that the use of phenolic resins can increase the strength of various materials in the industry. In addition, phenolic resins are used to produce a variety of felt, plastic, and adhesive products.

It should be noted that the use of phenolic resins in the industry has a reasonable cost and fewer environmental hazards. In addition, we said that the production of phenolic resins with a formaldehyde-phenol polymer product, this reaction must be carried out under certain conditions and by standards.

What do you think about Novolac resin uses? Have you encountered phenolic resins such as novolac or resol in your daily life? In your opinion, what is the effect of using Iran Novolac resin in different industries? You can share your comments with us in the comments section. Also, contact our experts to buy the best novolac resin.

What are the most important uses of novolac resin?

Novolac resin is one of the phenolic resins used to produce a variety of felt, foam, composite, carbon graphite, and insulation products.

Novolac resin is one of the phenolic resins used to produce a variety of felt, foam, composite, carbon graphite, and insulation products.

To date, no data have been recorded on the harmful effects of phenolic resins on human health.

Is the use of novolac resin dangerous for the environment?

Phenolic resins cause the least damage to the environment. These resins have various properties that have very few risks.

How to buy Iran novolac resin?

Contact our experts to buy the best quality Iran novolac resin.