Polystyrene Consumers are available in a variety of industries. This material is very valuable and is used to produce various plastics and products. It is a synthetic polymer made from styrene monomer reactions. It is extracted from oil and is a type of liquid hydrocarbon.

It has good flexibility and melts at very high temperatures. It should be noted that polystyrenes are very resistant to heat; But if the ambient temperature is too high, these plastics will melt. In this article from PetroProviders, join us to introduce you to Polystyrene Consumers.

Polystyrene Consumers worldwide

In general, polystyrene is used in construction, medical devices, toys and home appliances, and sound and heat insulation. This chemical is recyclable and can be easily produced and molded. For this reason, Polystyrene Consumers use this material all over the world. In the continuation of this article, we will show you the different applications of polystyrenes.

Making sandwich panels with polystyrene

Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyrene Recycling

One of the most important and widely used materials in the manufacture of sandwich panels are polystyrene. This material is sound insulation and heat insulation. In addition, it can be very important in saving energy. Polystyrene sandwich panels can increase the strength of building structures.

These materials are very light and impact resistant. In addition, these panels are very inexpensive and can be easily recycled and manufactured.

Polystyrene Consumers (GPPS Consumers)

One of the simplest grades of polystyrene is General Purpose polystyrene. This material, which is very transparent and popular, has an amorphous structure. It can be a dielectric insulator and is almost impact resistant. It should be noted that this polystyrene is used for food packaging and making toys. In addition, this polystyrene is used for packaging drugs and making medical devices. GPPS is also used to make CDs, refrigerator insulators and appliances. It should be noted that this polystyrene does not have much resistance in its natural state. But after mixing with different materials, it will have a very high resistance.

Applications of High Impact polystyrene or HIPS

This polystyrene is one of the most durable polystyrene. The difference between HIPS and GPPS is in transparency and impact resistance. As the ingredients of HIPS are the same as the ingredients of GPPS, but in the composition of HIPS, butadiene is also present. Butadiene makes the polystyrene more resistant but less transparent than GPPS. It should be noted that HIPS is a type of semi-transparent polystyrene.

This plastic material is used to make sports equipment. In addition, Polystyrene Consumers use high impact polystyrene to make sandwich panels and building insulation. Of course, EPS is used to make building blocks and more durable insulation.

Applications of expanded polystyrene or EPS

This polystyrene is known in industrial markets as Ionolite. This polystyrene is dehumidified after molding. This causes the condensing compounds to come out of the material. After dehumidification, the volume of this PS becomes much larger than before. For this reason, this polystyrene is called expanded polystyrene.

This polystyrene is white and fireproof. In addition, it is very impact resistant and can be used as a building block. One of the most important applications of expanded polystyrene is to make portable sandwich panels and enclosures. This material is heat resistant and can also be used as sound insulation.

One of the most important Polystyrene Consumers in EPS grade is its use as floor and ceiling insulation. This material is very lightweight and can be easily transported. The use of EPS in buildings reduces the dead load and the overall weight of the building.

Applications of extruded polystyrene or XPS

This polystyrene grade is one of the most widely used grades in the world. This material is used to make building panels and refrigerators. XPS production method: This material, after entering the mold, is transformed into injection molding into the desired shape. Then, this polystyrene takes on a regular shape and is used for various applications around the world.

This polystyrene looks like a sponge. Because after injection molding, its volume is very small. In addition, this polystyrene is very rigid and is used as heat and sound insulation.

Summary of Polystyrene Consumers Review

polystyrene waste

polystyrene waste

Polystyrene is used all over the world. These materials are generally lightweight and have a high impact resistance. In addition, polystyrene is used in the production of various medical products, construction, toys, home appliances and floor and ceiling insulation.

The most important Polystyrene Consumers are in the construction industry. This material reduces energy loss in buildings. It also reduces construction costs. With polystyrene, you will need less cement and concrete.

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