PolyStyrene foam has many applications in today’s world. This material is usually expanded polystyrene or EPS, which is produced in the form of foam. One of the most important applications of PolyStyrene foam is its use in construction.

This material is produced in the form of building blocks that are very resistant to heat. These blocks are impact-resistant and lightweight. In addition, PolyStyrene foam is also used to insulate buildings.

This substance weighs little; Therefore, it also reduces the overall weight of the building. In the continuation of this article, join us to acquaint you with the applications of PolyStyrene foam.

Various applications of PolyStyrene foam

EPS foam Uses

EPS foam Uses

Polystyrenes are made in various molds. This material is also made in the form of foam, which is called PolyStyrene foam. This material is very suitable for construction; Because it is lightweight and fire-resistant. In addition, it has high strength and can make the building earthquake resistant.

These features make the applications of these foams very diverse. It is white and was first made by the Germans to build bridges and buildings during World War II.

PolyStyrene foam is a thermoplastic material. It is easy to make and easy to recycle. This polystyrene is the same as expanded polystyrene or EPS. The grains that make up this material are easily separated by hand and divided into small pieces. EPS lose excess water during fabrication due to the irregular structure of the molecules. This makes the material very light but durable.

In addition, PolyStyrene foam is a good insulator against bacterial growth. This substance is also used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. In general, this material is mistakenly called rubber! But its original name expanded polystyrene.

General Purpose or GPPS polystyrene foam

This foam is easily produced! One of the most widely used polystyrenes in the world is GPPS. It is very transparent but has little resistance. This polystyrene is used in making disposable tableware and toys. It should be noted that GPPS is not used in construction! Instead, this polystyrene is used to make plastic items with suitable details.

XPS extruded polystyrene foam

This is a type of polystyrene that is produced in the form of foam. These are solid polystyrene crystals! XPS foam is very resistant to pressure and heat. In addition, this material is also used as insulation in buildings. It can be resistant to water and moisture; So XPS can be used in the manufacture of moisture insulation products.

What is high impact polystyrene foam?

This foam is one of the most durable PolyStyrene foams. This material is easy to make and has many uses. In addition, the very high strength of HIPS foam has led to its use in construction. It is also used to make disposable plastic items. It is very durable and is a good insulator against sound, water, and heat.

The cost of buying HIPS foam is also very affordable. You can contact our specialists to buy PolyStyrene foam.

The main applications of PS foams

PS foam

PS foam

As mentioned, these foams are used in various industries. In the following, we will examine the different applications of these foams.

  • Insulation of floors and roofs of buildings
  • Making suitable facades without using rebar at home
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Lightweight building blocks
  • Construction of building sandwich panels
  • Cover water pipes and fittings
  • General coverage of the building
  • Insulation in refrigerators
  • ..

Extraordinary features of PolyStyrene foam

  • It is lightweight
  • It is impact resistant
  • Prevents insects from entering the house.
  • It is a good insulator for heat and moisture
  • It is portable
  • It has a long life
  • It is flexible
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Low cost and affordable

Summary of PolyStyrene foam applications

In this article, we review the applications of PS foams in general. These foams are mostly made in the form of ionolite. EPS or Ionolite is widely used in construction. Because it is very durable and resistant to various shocks. In addition, it is heat and moisture insulating and weighs little.

Other polystyrene foams include GPPS foam, XPS foam, and HIPS foam. These foams are used in various industries and can be used to make various plastic devices. In addition, PolyStyrene foams are also used in the manufacture of building insulation.

These chemicals are recyclable and lightweight. Polystyrene foams are also used in the medical industry. One of the disadvantages of EPS foam is that, in case of direct contact with fire, it shrinks and becomes very small. This makes the material not completely fire-resistant. But it can be very earthquake resistant.

In the comments section, comment on the uses of PolyStyrene foam. To buy the best PS foams, you can contact our experts.