Polystyrene granules are produced in a variety of ways. This popular substance is extracted from styrene monomer. To make polystyrene granules, this monomer is combined with gasoline and ethylene. It reacts more with gasoline to form PS granules. The polystyrene is then molded.

After this step, polystyrene is ready to be used in various industries! In general, oxidation and polymerization are used to produce polystyrene. In the continuation of this PetroProviders article, join us to acquaint you with the methods of making Polystyrene granules.

What are polystyrene granules?

polystyrene granules Features

polystyrene granules Features

Polystyrenes are made from the bonding of thousands of polystyrene monomers. These monomers are bonded by Wonder Waltz bonds. The sum of the intermolecular forces between these monomers causes them to be neatly structured together.

Polystyrenes are also available in granular form. These substances, called polystyrene granules, can be harmful to human health before they are completed. In addition, they have many environmental pollutants; Because incomplete polystyrene granules are easily separated and dispersed in the environment.

Polystyrene granules are made using devices that melt the polystyrene. They then turn it into tiny granules.

Various applications of PS granules

One of the most important and popular forms of polystyrene is a granule. These granules are used in various industries. We know that the regular structure of styrenes is made up of hydrogen and carbon. So these atoms together form strong bonds. This makes them very resistant to impact.

Polystyrene granules have very interesting properties. These materials are recyclable and easy to produce and mold. In addition, it costs less to make different polystyrene molds. The use of polystyrene granules reduces the cost of manufacturing plastic products in various industries. This makes technologies more advanced and makes making plastics easier and less harmful.

Types of Polystyrene granules

HIPS granules

HIPS granules

Polystyrene factories produce different types of polystyrene according to customer needs. You may use polystyrene to insulate your building or build a new building. Or you may use PS to make medical devices. You may also want to use polystyrene to make plastic parts. However, the methods of producing different types of polystyrene granules cause different grades for PS. In the following, we will see the different PS granules together.

Expanded polystyrene granules or EPS

One of the most popular PS granules is expanded polystyrene. These PSs, known in the global market as Ionolite, have many applications in construction. In addition, these polystyrenes are used to make roof and floor insulation.

In addition, EPS granules can be used to make refrigerators and thermal insulation. Another application of this polystyrene grade is the construction of roof blocks of buildings. These blocks are very light and easy to transport. In addition, they are very impact-resistant.

General Purpose polystyrene or GPPS granules

These granules are one of the simplest granules in the global market. It is easy to make and easy to recycle. GPPS is used in various industries and can be used to make toys, disposable tableware, and CDs.

This material is very clear and beautiful! It is usually supplied in solid form and does not produce many contaminants in its manufacture. These PS granules can also be used in the manufacture of home appliances and auto parts.

High impact polystyrene granules or HIPS

These granules are more durable than GPPS granules. This is because HIPS contains butadiene in its composition. Butadiene increases resistance in the structure of HIPS. This material is used as cooling insulation and the floor and roof insulation of the building can also be produced with HIPS.

This polystyrene is very popular in global markets; Because HIPS is used for the mass production of disposable utensils and sterile medical devices.

Extruded polystyrene granules or XPS

Another grade of polystyrene is XPS granule. This granule, which is also known by its name, is made after injecting the mold. These granules are used in the manufacture of various plastic devices. These plastics have high strength and their structure is very regular. In addition, XPS is used to make a variety of building insulation and thermal insulation.

Summary of Introduction to Polystyrene Granules

In this article from PetroProviders, we got acquainted with different types of PS granules. These granules are made in different ways and have different applications. In various industries, polystyrene is used to make various plastics. In addition, PS is used to make a variety of building insulation, thermal insulation, impact insulation, and building flooring.

How much do you know about polystyrene in your life? Are Polystyrene granules useful for the world’s industries? In the comments section, you can ask your comments and questions from our experts.