The price of GPPS polystyrene is determined according to the type of polymer. In general, General Purpose polystyrene does not cost much to make. This material is easily produced and easily recycled.

It can be easily molded and converted into different shapes. The price of GPPS polystyrene can change under the influence of various parameters. For example, if the production of this polystyrene in the world decreases, its price will increase.

Another parameter affecting the price of this polymer is the type of raw material. In the continuation of this PetroProviders article, join us to acquaint you with the parameters affecting the price of GPPS polystyrene.

Main effective factors in the price of GPPS

GPPS Price

GPPS Price

In standard mode, the price set for GPPS must be fixed. This price may change throughout the year. Sometimes the price of this polystyrene goes up and sometimes, for different reasons, the price of this polymer goes down. In the following, we will see the most important factors affecting the price of this polystyrene:

Increase GPPS purchases and decrease production

One of the most important factors affecting the price of this polymer is the amount of production and purchase of this product in global markets.

It is easy to guess that if the purchase of GPPS increases in the world, the inventory of polystyrene-producing warehouses will decrease. This increases the value of this polymer among the people. In addition, this will increase the final price of this polystyrene. In addition, the increase in purchases versus production also affects other economic sectors of societies.

Long-term economic fluctuations

One of the most important parameters in determining the price of various products is the price of effective currencies in markets. For example, the US dollar is one of the most popular and effective currencies in the world. This currency becomes more valuable on some days and its price decreases on some days. If these fluctuations are made to the long model in countries, GPPS manufacturers will be forced to announce a higher price for this polystyrene! Because the price announced by them is low, in the fluctuation of the dollar, they may lose a lot.

In general, the factors that affect the price of currencies and the general economy of society can also affect the price of GPPS polystyrene. So countries should reach a final agreement on the final price of this polystyrene!

Changing the export conditions of this polystyrene



The export of polystyrene is one of the most important marketing for manufacturers. Exports increase producer profits. In addition, it increases the final value of the product. GPPS will gain better prices and value by being exported to foreign countries.

Now, what happens if exports do not meet standard and fixed conditions? The answer to this question is clear! The constant change in the export conditions of polystyrene makes this material not price stable. This increases GPPS price fluctuations. At this stage, both buyers and manufacturers of GPPS polystyrene will suffer.

Closure of the countries for various reasons

One of the biggest reasons for economic fluctuations in countries is the closure of the country! In the last two years, with the global outbreak of coronavirus, the economic sector of many societies has changed. This pandemic caused damage to the community economy in various sectors such as GPPS production and exports! After that, there were other holidays for different countries. This made the price of GPPS polystyrene very volatile.

Certainly, no business person wants the whole country to be closed! Even if you are a businessman, you work after the closure of the country, but you cannot make your purchases and sales definitive and official. This will damage your capital.

The price of GPPS polystyrene is also affected by various closures. It may be a celebration like Christmas or an increase in the spread of coronavirus; If different parts of the country are closed, the price of GPPS will fluctuate sharply.

GPPS prices in domestic markets

In domestic markets, there is better price stability. In most countries, the domestic currency is stable. This keeps the price set by the manufacturer and the purchase price of polystyrene constant. This allows the buyer to plan well. Then, GPPS sales will get better and better. This makes the price of this polystyrene stable and standard.

A summary of the global GPPS polystyrene price review

In this article from PetroProviders, we examined the various parameters that play a role in determining the price of GPPS. General Purpose polystyrene is one of the most important and widely used polymers in the world. This material is used in the manufacture of plastic utensils and transparent containers.

4 important parameters affect the price of GPPS polystyrene. These parameters are: increase in GPPS purchases and decrease in production, economic fluctuations in the country, changes in polystyrene export conditions, and closures in the country.

In general, it is better to set a standard for the price of polystyrene. This standard must take into account all the conditions and announce the best price.

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