Bilfinger covers the entire lifecycle of chemical & petrochemical infrastructure. Whether we are talking about process units in the base chemical industry, furnaces and steam generators in the petrochemical industry or process utilities and steam supply piping systems – Bilfinger does the design, procurement and fabrication as well as construction. We also take care of the subsequent maintenance of your assets.

The Bilfinger concept for full project responsibility ranges from technical advisory services to mechanical completion and commissioning, including specific technologies for furnaces and boilers as well as for gas treatment process units.

Building on a strong reputation for excellent service in the international process industry, Bilfinger is keen to take on assignments for a wide range of project sizes, supported by in-house piping and module fabrication facilities and a comprehensive network of service delivery points. Our high-end process control systems ensure the safe and reliable operation of your plants.

Process Units

With a truly international footprint and broad expertise in the chemical and petrochemical market, Bilfinger brings added value to projects in this field. With over 40 years of gas processing experience, our solutions fit small and medium size projects across the entire gas value chain. Bilfinger is the perfect partner for developing and executing projects such as gas processing plants, compression stations and revamp services for process units. Our technology portfolio includes competences and know-how in various processes, covering water and hydrocarbon dew point adjustment, sulfur and mercury removal, CO2 removal and multiphase separation as well as complex heat exchanger units.

As a one-stop-shop, Bilfinger offers all the services customers need for planning, engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction as well as commissioning and maintenance of new and existing plants. We build proprietary equipment in our own fabrication workshops, ensuring the highest levels of quality and minimizing your risks with regard to schedule, cost and labor.

Supplying petrochemical and refinery products needed in different sectors of export is one of the most important parameters in economic analysis related to MPCI Company considering the fact that this data is very impressive in our work. All over the world depending on geographical area and special manner of designing and constructing production units , there are different conditions to produce petrochemical and refinery products. It’s good to mention that petrochemical and refinery industry has a huge variety in comparison to other kind of production units.

The ability to supply export products for petrochemical and refinery complexes of producer countries for commercial and governmental companies in European and East and South East Asia as well as in need countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. The huge amount of supply of resources are provided in connected companies to MPCI Company which is done in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Russia and Persian Gulf countries and some other countries.

The list of our supplying and producing products is included a huge diversity of Hydro Carbonic products that this big variation is because of a lot of companies that have contract such as Iranian companies, big and medium international companies. This point shows that we have a great potential in oil, gas and petro chemistry. Moreover we are ready to supply raw materials as one cargo or long term contracts to supply feed and fuel with high standards as well as producing fuel with customized analysis.

Considering the fact that crude oil and other related products rate is at very low price, this company is able to supply and sell crude oil in long term method with payment in different steps with international surety bond.

In addition crude oil of other countries except Iran such as Russia, Iraq, Venezuela and Nigeria will be supplied lawfully and legally that all documents are under the name of buyer and all deposits except broker fees are transferred to national producer companies and all broker fees after making a contract will be transferred to the accounts of under contract companies.